Fanatic Ian Somerhalder Fans?

I really, really, want to know why people seem to think everything their favorite celebrity does should be approved of by their fans? This really bugs me because I don’t understand it and I’m tired of seeing it.

Honestly, I do adore Ian Somerhalder.  I sometimes cyber stalk him.  If his name pops up on my facebook wall or in the news or something on the Vampire Diaries appears, I’ll look.  I can’t help it.  I even glance at his twitter page sometimes.  If I thought I had a chance with him, I’d totally be as obvious as I could to make myself stand out among his million fans.

However, I’m pretty realistic here.  I don’t have time or even the inclination to actually seriously cyber stalk him.  He’s hot.  He’s an advocate for animals and the environment.  He seems like an awesome man.  He’s even the right age for me to crush on.  And did I mention he’s hot?  But I also have other interests.  Books, video games, anime, other TV shows…  You know?

I also realize I don’t have a chance in hell he’ll even notice me among his multitude of fans, so no, I’ve never sent fan mail, don’t comment on every tweet he makes, or stalk his facebook pages.  He’s also seriously out of my league.  Like light years out of my league, and that doesn’t even count the celebrity status.

Ultimately, that means his marriage to Nikki Reed means nothing to me.  He’s still the same celebrity he was before he was with her, he is the same one after he married her, and I never had a shot anyway, so why hate on her?  Seriously, so many people were hating on Nikki Reed that even the level-headed, fan-loving Ian Somerhalder told off people.  I honestly don’t care one way or another because I have my own issues to deal with.  Why waste emotional energy getting upset he got married?  It does NOT affect any of you!  Seriously!

He’s not a character in a show.  You can get pissed off Damien ends up with say…. Bonnie if you want.  That’s a character.  I get pissed about characters all the time.  Hell, as soon as I found out Nina Dobrev was leaving Vampire Diaries, I didn’t even watch the last episodes of the season.  I mean, I couldn’t bear to.  The whole show revolved around Elena and without her….  there isn’t a show for me.  So am I upset Elena is gone?  Yes.  Am I a bit upset Nina Dobrev decided to leave the show and that’s WHY Elena is gone?  Hell yes.  I am.  I’m super upset.  That affects me and my enjoyment of the show because they need to show romance and such and I’m scared that Damien will end up in love with someone else, and I do NOT want to see it.

However, that is my SHOW.  That is characters.  I don’t hate Nina Dobrev for leaving.  Maybe she had more reasons than just “only six seasons before I enjoy something new” statement she made.  Who knows?  I don’t know.  I’m upset about the situation but I’m not going to dedicate a facebook page to hating on Nina and lamenting the fact Elena is gone because of it.

Ian Somerhalder is NOT a character, guys.  He’s a human being who plays characters.  Yes, I loved the Nina and Ian romance as much as the next TVD fan.  It was awesome.  But honestly, he lives his life how he wants to and he obviously must love Nikki to want to marry her.  I’m happy for him if he’s happy.  I don’t know Nikki or much about her and haven’t bothered to look because honestly, don’t care much.  Sorry Nikki Reed!  However, I don’t hate her for taking Ian off the market.  He’s his own person and his decisions are his own that do not freaking affect you people!

To add to the whole cluster-freak that has fans up in arms, apparently Ian Somerhalder unfollowed Nina Dobrev on Twitter…  I seriously rolled my eyes on that.  Who knows why?  It’s sad yes, but it could be accidental, and trying to trend it on twitter is just silly.

So I really want to know…. why get seriously worked up over a celebrity’s private life?  Unless someone turns out to be a child molester, don’t judge.  Really.  Seriously.  Do not judge or hate on any aspect of their lives.  You can decide you don’t like a celebrity because they do silly or stupid or prejudiced things, but just decide you don’t like them.  You don’t need to hate on your crush’s girl simply out of envy.  Or get THAT seriously worked up over it.

Does ANYONE remember that celebrities are people NOT characters?  What, you want your fave celebrity single until he gets so old he’s no longer on the sexy list?  Are you proud you let your envy turn you into a raging psychopath?  I mean seriously…  I want to be Nikki too, but I have perspective.

I don’t understand some people.


Keyboard Malfunction & Then Some

iansomerhalder05Yes, with my major issues and stress of what I term my keyboard malfunction, I need a dose of Ian Somerhalder so here he is!  It has absolutely nothing to do with the post.  I just wanted him there.

In any case, this is a rant and explanation of my 2 week absence from internet life.

So first, my keyboard started to malfunction with random keys not working well.  Cleaned it out, had cat hair, thought that helped.  Nope, not so much.  Then other keys started to go.  So by the end of my frustration only half my keys worked.

Now can you imagine how HARD it is to let people know you’re going to be missing while you search for a decent keyboard to use with your laptop that won’t cause issues being placed on top of the laptop?  As well as fits my hands to not aggregative my wrists?  If I didn’t have a bad back, it probably wouldn’t have mattered if I used my laptop on a desk.  But I don’t.  So I finally get one special ordered.  Said it’d be about four days.  Wooo hoo!  Right?

Well wrong!  They sent me the wrong one!  (I ordered mine special that also had a new mouse too as my other mouse was double clicking randomly and figured two wireless mice are better than one)  So not only did they send a POS generic keyboard, but it didn’t have the mouse I ordered with it.   So, I had to send it back after a heated phone call, because they said they sent out the right one.  I sent it back.  They apologized and finally sent mine properly this time.

So yeah, this was my Keyboard Malfunction that took me away from book reviewing, email checking, and blogging for two weeks.  I COULD read on my computer and such, I just couldn’t type anything.  I mean, even looking for the books I needed to read was a pain as I couldn’t type in the search bar.  So totally frustrating.  I mean I could have popped online but honestly, there wasn’t much I could have done.  Emails I can’t answer and such…. yeah.

So I read.  Now I have about 20 books worth of reviews to type out (not to mention I’m trying to space out my book blog posts to one a day.  Since I already had a couple scheduled tours the last couple days, I only had one day to post a belated review for.

Also, I honestly have about sixty people I need to make a list of to inform if I ever have an extended leave of absence again, but I don’t have that list handy and I couldn’t even use my vacation email response because I couldn’ t type it!  So anyone who missed my short tweet and facebook post about keyboard dying, I am SO sorry!  I will attempt to make it up to a few people I was in contact with before this happened.

Oh, and I also have a giant bag of goodies I need to go through and properly thank various authors for.  That’s on my list too!

Wow, busy me now!  I just need a new laptop and to get my situation in life a little more stable.  sigh

In any event, that’s my life update.  So question for those following my blog here:  What was your last ‘malfunction’ you had that turned out to be more complicated that it needed to be?

Feel free to post in comments!


It’s Been Too Long!

My computer is still fritzy, so when I have access to it, I’m writing up reviews pretty dang fast – although I’m further on my reading than I am on my writing.  I’ve been having a lot of panic attacks and anxiety attacks lately so if I seem not all here, I apologize!  I am actually about to head off to watch the last True Blood episode, and maybe that’ll warrant a rant here.  ^_^

I think I’ve been entirely too busy with the book blog, when I am doing other things.  I’m trying to finish up the last of Stargate Atlantis too, but anxiety is a tough thing to deal with if you’re trying to concentrate on things you enjoy.  As of right now, I’m tired from my meds for the anxiety, my head is killing me, and all I want to do is curl up with a book or the tv.  I’m trying to get other things finished first though.

In any case, I just wanted to let ya all know I’m not dead – I’m posting more often on the book blog as I’m really behind there, and hopefully I’ll get some sort of schedule going with both soon.


Overheating Issue Fried My Comp!

Yeah, sadly, I’ve been MIA for about a month (and you have no idea the amount of email I have right now) because my graphics card got fried so badly my comp won’t work except in safe mode – which means, I’m screwed.  So I’m sorry guys but I don’t know when I’ll be back.

And when I do it’ll take me YEARS to catch up.  Oi.


Selenity Jade

Prizes, Books, Coffee-Withdrawal….

Hello Fellow Coffee Addicts!

I am currentlycoffee deprived.  It involves a long involved story which had me hating one coffee maker (it had a weird aftertaste, though my roommate said I was crazy), and then I accidently broke the carafe!  Twice!  Anyway, so I got a new coffee maker.  Yay!  Then my birthday came around (as well as Easter) and so I hung out at my mothers for a couple days…   And she ran out of coffee!  I mean woah…  I am going to have to go get Starbucks on the way home.  This is sad.

In any case, I am not going to regale you all with my coffee woes.  I’m going to go on a fangirl moment here… I got two prizes from contests I entered during book release promos I participated in and they got here on the same day!   So to thank those lovely authors who did the contests I’m going to do my squealing about them publicly.  Plus I went on a shopping spree at my local Barnes N’ Noble, so I have a ton of new books.  Of course, I cannot read them until I finish the two paper books I’ve got first – one also from a contest, plus the e-books I have promised to review (which, my lovely authors, means I’m booked on reading ARCs for a few weeks.  Sorry!)

For the first prize I got was two nifty bookmarks signed by Kory M Shrum!  The bookmarks feature Dying for a Living (A Jesse Sulivan Novel).

Here’s a picture of the cover:

Dying for a Living Cover

My second prise, was a beautiful tote bag from Bella Andre.  It features the covers of all the Sulivan books.  It’s absolutely LOVELY!  Fangirl Squeal

BellaAndreToteBagAs posted on Bella Andre’s Facebook page because I refuse to take pictures.  (Which is why if anyone actually sees a photo of me online it will be a miracle).

And my list of books will be posted on my book blog (because I had a serious dilemma regarding where to post my happy news!)  In any case, until next time (when I’m hopefully more caffeinated…) enjoy reading!


What’s Up Wednesday

What I’m Reading

I’m currently reading 4 books.  Yes, four!  Of course that means I’m not getting anywhere with them.  Now the reading list:

White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout

White Hot Kiss

White Hot Kiss


I haven’t gotten very far into it, but wowsie!  While it’s not my favorite from JLA, I do love it. 

Drowning in Fire by Hanna Martine

Drowning In Fire

Drowning In Fire

I won a print copy of this book and I’m happy to read it!  I haven’t gotten far, but I hope to finish it soon so I can review it!  I have too many TBRs!

Abandoned Prayers by Gregg Olsen

Abandoned Prayers

Abandoned Prayers


Now normally, I avoid True Crime.  However, this book is about a man who personally affected my life by murdering my father when I was just 5 years old.  Because there might be an episode about this man on DiscoveryID, I decided to reread the book.  I will not be reviewing it in the normal fashion as I am not objective going in to read it.  Gregg Olsen is an amazing man – whom I have not met personally although my mother has – but from all the interaction he has had with my family, I can safely say he is a great person who truly feels for the victims and their families in whatever book he writes.  So if you like true crime, I do suggest you try Gregg’s books.

The Gift of Charms (Dragor #1) by Julia Suzuki

The Gift of Charms (Dragor #1)

The Gift of Charms (Dragor #1)

This is a children’s books (preteen age) that I’m reading to review for the author.  So far it’s pretty dang good!  So go preorder now!

What I’m Writing

Actually, I’m writing character sheets for a story I’m working on.  And sorry, but it’s too early in the process (as I’m currently in ‘organize so I can be productive’ mode, which means I’m not productive right now) and I can’t really share.  However, one of the protagonist’s name is Damon.  And he’s not human.  That’s all I can say.

What Inspires Me Right Now

Actually, I’m in organizational mode so I have few inspirations except for a few.  One is Sabrina York, a very sweet author whom I chatted with last night.   We discussed diets – due to health reasons, and she inspired me to listen to my doc and see about going gluten-free.  So thank you, Sabrina!

Also, the site Flylady inspired me to start organizing my home.  It all starts with shining your sink!  For those with too much clutter, go there.  It really does work!

And lastly, HabitRPG  – a site that actually motivates you to work on good and bad habits, and finish your daily needs and your to do lists.  It will punish you for not finishing by taking away your HP.  It’s a way to gamify your life.  You have guilds, challenges, and people to work with.  It’s a great site and I can’t rave enough about it.  Go there!

What Else I’ve Been Up To

Well, I’m organizing my computer and online activities so that I can better put up blog posts, reviews, finish my games, books, and shows.  And even write!  But first, organize and develop good routines to get started.  And not get sucked into Social Media voids.

That’s pretty much it, my followers.  I’m working on being more active posting.  But for now, here’s one to make you happy.

Also, What’s Up Wednesday is created & run by:




Getting Organized Apps: To-Do, Lists, Calendar, Reminder

I know just about everyone wants to improve something in their lives, whether it’s getting organized or exercising more or reducing stress or anything really.  Now, I’m a list addict.  I have to write a to-do list to get just about anything done.  I have organizational OCD (and I’m not using this as an expression, I really do), so I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect application to use as my list maker.  In the end, I now use a few, which sync together or work together amazingly well.  So this is my list of apps I use to stay productive and remember important dates.


My first app, which is my ‘everything dump’ is Evernote.  I use this to save articles, write quick lists, story ideas, etc.  You can basically do anything with this.  It also has reminders if you happen to need something done on a specific day or time, it organizes by notebook, folder, or tag.  You can make checklists, bulleted lists, & numbered lists.  It’s just perfect for those who need something simple.  It can sync with Hootsuit, it can share to twitter and facebook, and it has a Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome add-on.  There are also quite a few apps available for Evernote for whatever platform you are using (I use my laptop).  It can do a heck of a lot for an everything dump.  Just remember to keep it semi-organized or you’ll never find anything you’ve saved.  And I’m sure a ton of you use it for something.  It’s pretty well known.

For my purposes, I use it for quick lists, ideas and article saving.  I am trying out the calender app you can add called TuskTools Calendar, but I’m not sure I like it yet.  I do not use it as my ‘to-do list’ although you could.  I simply found one I liked a lot more (which I’ll link below).  That’s all I use it for so I’m sure there are nifty features I have yet to explore.

 Google Calendar

I use gmail for my email and because of that I use Google Calendar, which will sync to my email and email me reminders and such.  It will also sync with my to-do list web app (which I will link below) showing my to-dos, as well as sync with Facebook’s Calendar and remind you of your events.  It’s kind of handy!  I do tend to forget to add events & appointments to Google Calendar when I’m using a to-do list reminders, but it’s coming together nicely.  So for you gmail users, I recommend you use it especially if you forget appointments and such a lot.

Remember the Milk

 This is the app I use for my to-do list.  You can set priorities, times, dates, repeats, categories and tags, and all sorts of fun stuff.  It also syncs with gmail and google calendar and Firefox (I’m sure it does Google Chrome too).  It will even send you reminders for events and appointments through your email, phone, or twitter dms.  And it keeps growing all the time.  Honestly, this is the to-do list app I love the best and I use it religiously.


Now if you’re looking to improve habits and get ‘rewarded’ for your to-dos, dailies, and positive habits this is the web app for you.  You even get punished for not completing your dailies and any negative habits you are trying to break that you continue to do.  You can buy gear, level up, join guilds, compete in challenges, and basically gamify your life!  It’s pretty versatile.  It is also run by users for the most part and all updates and new features are created by them.

I find it useful if you like gaming (especially RPGs) like me and are trying to improve yourself in any way.  It makes your accomplishments feel more rewarding now instead of after weeks of effort you lose that 10 pounds, or whatever you plan on doing.  So if you need help with motivation, try this!  Seriously, I can’t rave enough about it.

If you have any talent in programming and design, they welcome contributors of all types.  Or if you’re simply interested in writing things up in their wikia site to help other users.


This site is really helpful for those of you (and me too!) suffering from a chronic condition like back pain, anxiety, depression, or if you have goals you want to reach like losing weight, eating better, etc.  It is a bit similar to HabitRPG in that you level up, but it is really only for those self-improvement goals.

Try it!  I suffer from chronic pain, panic disorder, and agoraphobia.  I know I need to be more activebut I always put it off.  Even when it’s on my to-do list.  However, doing it and getting rewarded with points (and gold and gear in HabitRPG) immediately makes me actually work at it.

Of course, SuperBetter and HabitRPG both operate under the honor system.  Basically, they trust you to actually do the tasks before you reward yourself in the ‘game’.  However, you could cheatbut what would be the point?  You’d just be hurting yourself and there are actual games out there that don’t require you to do something to get experience and level up.  Play those instead of using these two sites.

Your Favorites

There are many other to-do list apps, calendars, organizers.  But I love these personally.  Do any of you wish to improve something in your life (write more for example, or read more, or do your dishes more regularly)?  These tools will help.

If any of you have any other suggestions for your favorite to-do apps, feel free to plug them in my comments.