The Internet is a Vast Place

Yes, I said it.  The internet is a vast, vast, VAST place.  I have spent two days (which is why I didn’t post yesterday) messing with my blog settings and widgets, with twitter, HootSuite, Facebook, my Google mail folders, and such.  I am still not done!  I’m still messing with the look of this blog and my book blog, plus my Google+ page(s) and how they’re connected to HootSuite (which is annoyingly elusive!), and my Remember the Milk list, plus Facebook notifications so I know what’s going on with my favorite people!  I’m so mind-blown it is not remotely funny.

In fact, if I wasn’t so blasted tired of this crap I would have linked all these awesome applications and social media pages.  However, right now… I just don’t care!

Actually, if any of you happen to know the Google+ navigation well, I’d love to ask your help.  I can’t get my freaking pages to link together right.  So email me at  This is my problem:  my blogs, which should link to my Selenity Jade page, don’t.  And my HootSuite which should link Twitter to my Rochelle Pritchett page, also don’t.  They’re backward!  I mean seriously!  Gah!

So I’m currently suffering Internet Vastness Overload.  I guess I’m lucky I hate photos so I don’t take pictures I need to organize.  There is always a silver lining I suppose.



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