Prizes, Books, Coffee-Withdrawal….

Hello Fellow Coffee Addicts!

I am currentlycoffee deprived.  It involves a long involved story which had me hating one coffee maker (it had a weird aftertaste, though my roommate said I was crazy), and then I accidently broke the carafe!  Twice!  Anyway, so I got a new coffee maker.  Yay!  Then my birthday came around (as well as Easter) and so I hung out at my mothers for a couple days…   And she ran out of coffee!  I mean woah…  I am going to have to go get Starbucks on the way home.  This is sad.

In any case, I am not going to regale you all with my coffee woes.  I’m going to go on a fangirl moment here… I got two prizes from contests I entered during book release promos I participated in and they got here on the same day!   So to thank those lovely authors who did the contests I’m going to do my squealing about them publicly.  Plus I went on a shopping spree at my local Barnes N’ Noble, so I have a ton of new books.  Of course, I cannot read them until I finish the two paper books I’ve got first – one also from a contest, plus the e-books I have promised to review (which, my lovely authors, means I’m booked on reading ARCs for a few weeks.  Sorry!)

For the first prize I got was two nifty bookmarks signed by Kory M Shrum!  The bookmarks feature Dying for a Living (A Jesse Sulivan Novel).

Here’s a picture of the cover:

Dying for a Living Cover

My second prise, was a beautiful tote bag from Bella Andre.  It features the covers of all the Sulivan books.  It’s absolutely LOVELY!  Fangirl Squeal

BellaAndreToteBagAs posted on Bella Andre’s Facebook page because I refuse to take pictures.  (Which is why if anyone actually sees a photo of me online it will be a miracle).

And my list of books will be posted on my book blog (because I had a serious dilemma regarding where to post my happy news!)  In any case, until next time (when I’m hopefully more caffeinated…) enjoy reading!



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