Keyboard Malfunction & Then Some

iansomerhalder05Yes, with my major issues and stress of what I term my keyboard malfunction, I need a dose of Ian Somerhalder so here he is!  It has absolutely nothing to do with the post.  I just wanted him there.

In any case, this is a rant and explanation of my 2 week absence from internet life.

So first, my keyboard started to malfunction with random keys not working well.  Cleaned it out, had cat hair, thought that helped.  Nope, not so much.  Then other keys started to go.  So by the end of my frustration only half my keys worked.

Now can you imagine how HARD it is to let people know you’re going to be missing while you search for a decent keyboard to use with your laptop that won’t cause issues being placed on top of the laptop?  As well as fits my hands to not aggregative my wrists?  If I didn’t have a bad back, it probably wouldn’t have mattered if I used my laptop on a desk.  But I don’t.  So I finally get one special ordered.  Said it’d be about four days.  Wooo hoo!  Right?

Well wrong!  They sent me the wrong one!  (I ordered mine special that also had a new mouse too as my other mouse was double clicking randomly and figured two wireless mice are better than one)  So not only did they send a POS generic keyboard, but it didn’t have the mouse I ordered with it.   So, I had to send it back after a heated phone call, because they said they sent out the right one.  I sent it back.  They apologized and finally sent mine properly this time.

So yeah, this was my Keyboard Malfunction that took me away from book reviewing, email checking, and blogging for two weeks.  I COULD read on my computer and such, I just couldn’t type anything.  I mean, even looking for the books I needed to read was a pain as I couldn’t type in the search bar.  So totally frustrating.  I mean I could have popped online but honestly, there wasn’t much I could have done.  Emails I can’t answer and such…. yeah.

So I read.  Now I have about 20 books worth of reviews to type out (not to mention I’m trying to space out my book blog posts to one a day.  Since I already had a couple scheduled tours the last couple days, I only had one day to post a belated review for.

Also, I honestly have about sixty people I need to make a list of to inform if I ever have an extended leave of absence again, but I don’t have that list handy and I couldn’t even use my vacation email response because I couldn’ t type it!  So anyone who missed my short tweet and facebook post about keyboard dying, I am SO sorry!  I will attempt to make it up to a few people I was in contact with before this happened.

Oh, and I also have a giant bag of goodies I need to go through and properly thank various authors for.  That’s on my list too!

Wow, busy me now!  I just need a new laptop and to get my situation in life a little more stable.  sigh

In any event, that’s my life update.  So question for those following my blog here:  What was your last ‘malfunction’ you had that turned out to be more complicated that it needed to be?

Feel free to post in comments!



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