Fanatic Ian Somerhalder Fans?

I really, really, want to know why people seem to think everything their favorite celebrity does should be approved of by their fans? This really bugs me because I don’t understand it and I’m tired of seeing it.

Honestly, I do adore Ian Somerhalder.  I sometimes cyber stalk him.  If his name pops up on my facebook wall or in the news or something on the Vampire Diaries appears, I’ll look.  I can’t help it.  I even glance at his twitter page sometimes.  If I thought I had a chance with him, I’d totally be as obvious as I could to make myself stand out among his million fans.

However, I’m pretty realistic here.  I don’t have time or even the inclination to actually seriously cyber stalk him.  He’s hot.  He’s an advocate for animals and the environment.  He seems like an awesome man.  He’s even the right age for me to crush on.  And did I mention he’s hot?  But I also have other interests.  Books, video games, anime, other TV shows…  You know?

I also realize I don’t have a chance in hell he’ll even notice me among his multitude of fans, so no, I’ve never sent fan mail, don’t comment on every tweet he makes, or stalk his facebook pages.  He’s also seriously out of my league.  Like light years out of my league, and that doesn’t even count the celebrity status.

Ultimately, that means his marriage to Nikki Reed means nothing to me.  He’s still the same celebrity he was before he was with her, he is the same one after he married her, and I never had a shot anyway, so why hate on her?  Seriously, so many people were hating on Nikki Reed that even the level-headed, fan-loving Ian Somerhalder told off people.  I honestly don’t care one way or another because I have my own issues to deal with.  Why waste emotional energy getting upset he got married?  It does NOT affect any of you!  Seriously!

He’s not a character in a show.  You can get pissed off Damien ends up with say…. Bonnie if you want.  That’s a character.  I get pissed about characters all the time.  Hell, as soon as I found out Nina Dobrev was leaving Vampire Diaries, I didn’t even watch the last episodes of the season.  I mean, I couldn’t bear to.  The whole show revolved around Elena and without her….  there isn’t a show for me.  So am I upset Elena is gone?  Yes.  Am I a bit upset Nina Dobrev decided to leave the show and that’s WHY Elena is gone?  Hell yes.  I am.  I’m super upset.  That affects me and my enjoyment of the show because they need to show romance and such and I’m scared that Damien will end up in love with someone else, and I do NOT want to see it.

However, that is my SHOW.  That is characters.  I don’t hate Nina Dobrev for leaving.  Maybe she had more reasons than just “only six seasons before I enjoy something new” statement she made.  Who knows?  I don’t know.  I’m upset about the situation but I’m not going to dedicate a facebook page to hating on Nina and lamenting the fact Elena is gone because of it.

Ian Somerhalder is NOT a character, guys.  He’s a human being who plays characters.  Yes, I loved the Nina and Ian romance as much as the next TVD fan.  It was awesome.  But honestly, he lives his life how he wants to and he obviously must love Nikki to want to marry her.  I’m happy for him if he’s happy.  I don’t know Nikki or much about her and haven’t bothered to look because honestly, don’t care much.  Sorry Nikki Reed!  However, I don’t hate her for taking Ian off the market.  He’s his own person and his decisions are his own that do not freaking affect you people!

To add to the whole cluster-freak that has fans up in arms, apparently Ian Somerhalder unfollowed Nina Dobrev on Twitter…  I seriously rolled my eyes on that.  Who knows why?  It’s sad yes, but it could be accidental, and trying to trend it on twitter is just silly.

So I really want to know…. why get seriously worked up over a celebrity’s private life?  Unless someone turns out to be a child molester, don’t judge.  Really.  Seriously.  Do not judge or hate on any aspect of their lives.  You can decide you don’t like a celebrity because they do silly or stupid or prejudiced things, but just decide you don’t like them.  You don’t need to hate on your crush’s girl simply out of envy.  Or get THAT seriously worked up over it.

Does ANYONE remember that celebrities are people NOT characters?  What, you want your fave celebrity single until he gets so old he’s no longer on the sexy list?  Are you proud you let your envy turn you into a raging psychopath?  I mean seriously…  I want to be Nikki too, but I have perspective.

I don’t understand some people.


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