OMT & Steroid Injection Woes

No, I do not mean one more thing or one more time.  I mean Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy.  Which is what I had today.  And since, while it felt better at first, hurts like a demented gnome is poking at me with hot needles in the back.  Because of this, this entry will be very short.  And trust me, you do not want me to attempt a longer one.  It took me like 3 minutes to remember how to spell ‘woe’.  Sadly, my brain is out on a very long lunch and has yet to return.  Maybe it is on strike.

In any case, today I got my back all moved and prodded and wasn’t bad.  Supposedly good.  Then I have bursitis in my shoulder, so I got a fun nifty shot that, as my doc had said, hurts like hell now that the marcaine wore off.  So I’m doing GREAT! cue sarcasm

Though, in all honesty, despite the pain I’d recommend OMT for other sufferers of Myofascial Pain Syndrome. I’m sure it’s great for other things, but for MPS it does wonders is loosening those trigger points.  I got lucky in my doctor is married to a MPS patient so he understands this common problem.  I hear she does take advantage of his expertise.  I only wish I were her!

In closing, I’d just like to say, “owwwwwie” and I’m off to read.  Goodnight, Everyone!