Getting Organized Apps: To-Do, Lists, Calendar, Reminder

I know just about everyone wants to improve something in their lives, whether it’s getting organized or exercising more or reducing stress or anything really.  Now, I’m a list addict.  I have to write a to-do list to get just about anything done.  I have organizational OCD (and I’m not using this as an expression, I really do), so I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect application to use as my list maker.  In the end, I now use a few, which sync together or work together amazingly well.  So this is my list of apps I use to stay productive and remember important dates.


My first app, which is my ‘everything dump’ is Evernote.  I use this to save articles, write quick lists, story ideas, etc.  You can basically do anything with this.  It also has reminders if you happen to need something done on a specific day or time, it organizes by notebook, folder, or tag.  You can make checklists, bulleted lists, & numbered lists.  It’s just perfect for those who need something simple.  It can sync with Hootsuit, it can share to twitter and facebook, and it has a Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome add-on.  There are also quite a few apps available for Evernote for whatever platform you are using (I use my laptop).  It can do a heck of a lot for an everything dump.  Just remember to keep it semi-organized or you’ll never find anything you’ve saved.  And I’m sure a ton of you use it for something.  It’s pretty well known.

For my purposes, I use it for quick lists, ideas and article saving.  I am trying out the calender app you can add called TuskTools Calendar, but I’m not sure I like it yet.  I do not use it as my ‘to-do list’ although you could.  I simply found one I liked a lot more (which I’ll link below).  That’s all I use it for so I’m sure there are nifty features I have yet to explore.

 Google Calendar

I use gmail for my email and because of that I use Google Calendar, which will sync to my email and email me reminders and such.  It will also sync with my to-do list web app (which I will link below) showing my to-dos, as well as sync with Facebook’s Calendar and remind you of your events.  It’s kind of handy!  I do tend to forget to add events & appointments to Google Calendar when I’m using a to-do list reminders, but it’s coming together nicely.  So for you gmail users, I recommend you use it especially if you forget appointments and such a lot.

Remember the Milk

 This is the app I use for my to-do list.  You can set priorities, times, dates, repeats, categories and tags, and all sorts of fun stuff.  It also syncs with gmail and google calendar and Firefox (I’m sure it does Google Chrome too).  It will even send you reminders for events and appointments through your email, phone, or twitter dms.  And it keeps growing all the time.  Honestly, this is the to-do list app I love the best and I use it religiously.


Now if you’re looking to improve habits and get ‘rewarded’ for your to-dos, dailies, and positive habits this is the web app for you.  You even get punished for not completing your dailies and any negative habits you are trying to break that you continue to do.  You can buy gear, level up, join guilds, compete in challenges, and basically gamify your life!  It’s pretty versatile.  It is also run by users for the most part and all updates and new features are created by them.

I find it useful if you like gaming (especially RPGs) like me and are trying to improve yourself in any way.  It makes your accomplishments feel more rewarding now instead of after weeks of effort you lose that 10 pounds, or whatever you plan on doing.  So if you need help with motivation, try this!  Seriously, I can’t rave enough about it.

If you have any talent in programming and design, they welcome contributors of all types.  Or if you’re simply interested in writing things up in their wikia site to help other users.


This site is really helpful for those of you (and me too!) suffering from a chronic condition like back pain, anxiety, depression, or if you have goals you want to reach like losing weight, eating better, etc.  It is a bit similar to HabitRPG in that you level up, but it is really only for those self-improvement goals.

Try it!  I suffer from chronic pain, panic disorder, and agoraphobia.  I know I need to be more activebut I always put it off.  Even when it’s on my to-do list.  However, doing it and getting rewarded with points (and gold and gear in HabitRPG) immediately makes me actually work at it.

Of course, SuperBetter and HabitRPG both operate under the honor system.  Basically, they trust you to actually do the tasks before you reward yourself in the ‘game’.  However, you could cheatbut what would be the point?  You’d just be hurting yourself and there are actual games out there that don’t require you to do something to get experience and level up.  Play those instead of using these two sites.

Your Favorites

There are many other to-do list apps, calendars, organizers.  But I love these personally.  Do any of you wish to improve something in your life (write more for example, or read more, or do your dishes more regularly)?  These tools will help.

If any of you have any other suggestions for your favorite to-do apps, feel free to plug them in my comments.