Debating With Family

I’ve discovered a long, long time ago to avoid debating serious topics with my family.  This includes debates that start out friendly, debates of ANY kind while said family member is drinking, and any random comment on political or religious views.  I just completely avoid this by trying (and sometimes even succeeding!) to appear disinterested.

Firstly, it ends up turning into a fight every single freaking time.  And not just a little spat.  I mean whole new epic levels of fight.  All over a single innocent comment on any controversial issue.  Then, any view I express tends to be completely ignored, dismissed, or even snidely accepted, or variations thereof.

So last night, I get caught up with a debate on whether homosexual partners should be allowed to adopt with a member of my family.  I was not going to say much on this to her.  But sadly, sometimes I just can’t hold it in.  When asked if I would have liked to have parents who were both men or both women, I was completely stuck!  I avoid conflict at all times if I can, but I refuse to not to answer a question like that truthfully.  So of course, I say, “Well, I doubt it would bother me at all.”

Oh, boy.  Now, of course, I avoided the rest of the debate handily by making agreeing noises when she went off on a tangent.  Now, this family member isn’t as against homosexuality as say the older members of my family.  However, I’m a lot more open-minded than they are on most subjects – at least I try to be as open-minded as possible with regards to anything.

I’m not about to start a debate on whether or not homosexual couples should be able to adopt.  That isn’t what I’m discussing here.  If anyone wishes to know, my stance: they allow single women and men to adopt, they should allow homosexual couples.  Both are not ‘traditional’ homes.  So if one is allowed, the other should be.  However, without that, I believe they should be allowed to.  That’s not the point though.

The point it, I just can’t win in a debate with some members of my family.  Some of them just plain do not listen to your stance.  Some get seriously angry at my stance.  Some even think it makes me against Christianity (if I could tell you about the evolution ‘talk’ I had… oi.).  I also get ignored or dismissed.  However, it’s the battles that make me avoid stating my opinion.

So you all might get various rants where I just must get my opinion stated.  Not to start debates, but simply to state it.  Repression is unhealthy after all!