Frantic Picture Search

Why do people wait until the last minute to do things?  I have to admit, I am very guilty of this sometimes.  For example, it’s 10:25 pm where I am at as I’m typing this out in a quick attempt to post again for the sixth day in a row.  However, since today I insisted on trying to walk (in slushy snow rain no less) for my back exercise, and then I’m dragged into helping my mother find pictures of my father from way back when, and then I’m trying to post anything worth reading and the day is almost over!

I completely created a giant run on sentence there.  My point is I have had absolutely no chance to come up with a valuable blog post.  I want to start reviewing the books I read, plug my favorite authors, post about my struggles with agoraphobia and pain, and all of that fun stuff, and here I am digging through a box for 30 year old pictures.

My mother and I did finally find some, but not the recent ones of my father’s grave, which my mother is frantically trying to find now.  We have no idea where they are and she needs them before she leaves for New York City in a few hours.

Hence the title of my post.

My advice? Do NOT wait until the last minute.  It really, really sucks.