Keyboard Malfunction & Then Some

iansomerhalder05Yes, with my major issues and stress of what I term my keyboard malfunction, I need a dose of Ian Somerhalder so here he is!  It has absolutely nothing to do with the post.  I just wanted him there.

In any case, this is a rant and explanation of my 2 week absence from internet life.

So first, my keyboard started to malfunction with random keys not working well.  Cleaned it out, had cat hair, thought that helped.  Nope, not so much.  Then other keys started to go.  So by the end of my frustration only half my keys worked.

Now can you imagine how HARD it is to let people know you’re going to be missing while you search for a decent keyboard to use with your laptop that won’t cause issues being placed on top of the laptop?  As well as fits my hands to not aggregative my wrists?  If I didn’t have a bad back, it probably wouldn’t have mattered if I used my laptop on a desk.  But I don’t.  So I finally get one special ordered.  Said it’d be about four days.  Wooo hoo!  Right?

Well wrong!  They sent me the wrong one!  (I ordered mine special that also had a new mouse too as my other mouse was double clicking randomly and figured two wireless mice are better than one)  So not only did they send a POS generic keyboard, but it didn’t have the mouse I ordered with it.   So, I had to send it back after a heated phone call, because they said they sent out the right one.  I sent it back.  They apologized and finally sent mine properly this time.

So yeah, this was my Keyboard Malfunction that took me away from book reviewing, email checking, and blogging for two weeks.  I COULD read on my computer and such, I just couldn’t type anything.  I mean, even looking for the books I needed to read was a pain as I couldn’t type in the search bar.  So totally frustrating.  I mean I could have popped online but honestly, there wasn’t much I could have done.  Emails I can’t answer and such…. yeah.

So I read.  Now I have about 20 books worth of reviews to type out (not to mention I’m trying to space out my book blog posts to one a day.  Since I already had a couple scheduled tours the last couple days, I only had one day to post a belated review for.

Also, I honestly have about sixty people I need to make a list of to inform if I ever have an extended leave of absence again, but I don’t have that list handy and I couldn’t even use my vacation email response because I couldn’ t type it!  So anyone who missed my short tweet and facebook post about keyboard dying, I am SO sorry!  I will attempt to make it up to a few people I was in contact with before this happened.

Oh, and I also have a giant bag of goodies I need to go through and properly thank various authors for.  That’s on my list too!

Wow, busy me now!  I just need a new laptop and to get my situation in life a little more stable.  sigh

In any event, that’s my life update.  So question for those following my blog here:  What was your last ‘malfunction’ you had that turned out to be more complicated that it needed to be?

Feel free to post in comments!



Getting Organized Apps: To-Do, Lists, Calendar, Reminder

I know just about everyone wants to improve something in their lives, whether it’s getting organized or exercising more or reducing stress or anything really.  Now, I’m a list addict.  I have to write a to-do list to get just about anything done.  I have organizational OCD (and I’m not using this as an expression, I really do), so I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect application to use as my list maker.  In the end, I now use a few, which sync together or work together amazingly well.  So this is my list of apps I use to stay productive and remember important dates.


My first app, which is my ‘everything dump’ is Evernote.  I use this to save articles, write quick lists, story ideas, etc.  You can basically do anything with this.  It also has reminders if you happen to need something done on a specific day or time, it organizes by notebook, folder, or tag.  You can make checklists, bulleted lists, & numbered lists.  It’s just perfect for those who need something simple.  It can sync with Hootsuit, it can share to twitter and facebook, and it has a Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome add-on.  There are also quite a few apps available for Evernote for whatever platform you are using (I use my laptop).  It can do a heck of a lot for an everything dump.  Just remember to keep it semi-organized or you’ll never find anything you’ve saved.  And I’m sure a ton of you use it for something.  It’s pretty well known.

For my purposes, I use it for quick lists, ideas and article saving.  I am trying out the calender app you can add called TuskTools Calendar, but I’m not sure I like it yet.  I do not use it as my ‘to-do list’ although you could.  I simply found one I liked a lot more (which I’ll link below).  That’s all I use it for so I’m sure there are nifty features I have yet to explore.

 Google Calendar

I use gmail for my email and because of that I use Google Calendar, which will sync to my email and email me reminders and such.  It will also sync with my to-do list web app (which I will link below) showing my to-dos, as well as sync with Facebook’s Calendar and remind you of your events.  It’s kind of handy!  I do tend to forget to add events & appointments to Google Calendar when I’m using a to-do list reminders, but it’s coming together nicely.  So for you gmail users, I recommend you use it especially if you forget appointments and such a lot.

Remember the Milk

 This is the app I use for my to-do list.  You can set priorities, times, dates, repeats, categories and tags, and all sorts of fun stuff.  It also syncs with gmail and google calendar and Firefox (I’m sure it does Google Chrome too).  It will even send you reminders for events and appointments through your email, phone, or twitter dms.  And it keeps growing all the time.  Honestly, this is the to-do list app I love the best and I use it religiously.


Now if you’re looking to improve habits and get ‘rewarded’ for your to-dos, dailies, and positive habits this is the web app for you.  You even get punished for not completing your dailies and any negative habits you are trying to break that you continue to do.  You can buy gear, level up, join guilds, compete in challenges, and basically gamify your life!  It’s pretty versatile.  It is also run by users for the most part and all updates and new features are created by them.

I find it useful if you like gaming (especially RPGs) like me and are trying to improve yourself in any way.  It makes your accomplishments feel more rewarding now instead of after weeks of effort you lose that 10 pounds, or whatever you plan on doing.  So if you need help with motivation, try this!  Seriously, I can’t rave enough about it.

If you have any talent in programming and design, they welcome contributors of all types.  Or if you’re simply interested in writing things up in their wikia site to help other users.


This site is really helpful for those of you (and me too!) suffering from a chronic condition like back pain, anxiety, depression, or if you have goals you want to reach like losing weight, eating better, etc.  It is a bit similar to HabitRPG in that you level up, but it is really only for those self-improvement goals.

Try it!  I suffer from chronic pain, panic disorder, and agoraphobia.  I know I need to be more activebut I always put it off.  Even when it’s on my to-do list.  However, doing it and getting rewarded with points (and gold and gear in HabitRPG) immediately makes me actually work at it.

Of course, SuperBetter and HabitRPG both operate under the honor system.  Basically, they trust you to actually do the tasks before you reward yourself in the ‘game’.  However, you could cheatbut what would be the point?  You’d just be hurting yourself and there are actual games out there that don’t require you to do something to get experience and level up.  Play those instead of using these two sites.

Your Favorites

There are many other to-do list apps, calendars, organizers.  But I love these personally.  Do any of you wish to improve something in your life (write more for example, or read more, or do your dishes more regularly)?  These tools will help.

If any of you have any other suggestions for your favorite to-do apps, feel free to plug them in my comments.



What’s Up Wednesday

Hello all!

Today, I’m joining the blog hop What’s Up Wednesday which was thought up by the lovely Jaime!  Visit her blog to see a list of participants in the What’s Up Wednesday hop.

Now on with the show:

What I’m Reading

Currently, I am reading two books by two very different authors.  First is White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout, who is an amazing YA author.  I haven’t gotten very far into the book yet, but so far it seems to be a good read.  I’ll get to see once I can sit down to read.

The second is the Devil of the Highlands by Lynsay Sands, which is a book I have read before but I felt the urge for a Scottish Historical Romance.  I find this book to be a humorous easy romance to read and it is quite enjoyable.  I love Cullen.  ^_^

What I’m Writing

I’m writing a review to When I Break by Kendall Ryan right now, but we’ll pretend I’m actually making progress on it right now when I’m really, really not.  I want to start my next fiction project (i.e. novel) but my time spent writing has been diminished.  And I got off-topic again.  As I was saying, I’m working on a review.  See it on A Caffeine Addict’s Books soon (I hope).

What Inspires Me Right Now

Right now I’m having a lot of thought on animal rights issues such as the wolf hunts, the zoos killing off their animals, shelters euthanizing animals, and endangered species being delisted before they are properly ‘recovered’.  It’s my thing right now despite the fact I should be trying to immerse myself into my paranormal world.  This is why I’m having such a hard time writing.  However, these issues are important.  Maybe I’ll somehow incorporate them into my next story.  We’ll see!

What Else I’ve Been Up To

I’ve actually been insanely busy.  I’m trying to write an important letter, organize the books on my computer, run scans, organize email account, spring cleaning of the apartment, write, read, and related activities that include Facebook and Twitter.  I am also busy watching my 3-year-old nephew who is just about the cutest freaking kid ever.  My brother and his amazing girlfriend made one adorable and funny boy.

Hopefully all the above activities will make my day a tad more productive once I am organized.

And goodnight folks.  I’m off to read and go to bed.


Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

In case the title of this blog entry escaped you, today I’m excited to write about coffee.  You see, I love coffee.  As in, if I could, I would elope with my coffee.  Coffee has not let me down, ever.  Unlike people, coffee is always there for you as soon as you brew it.  It does what you want it to, when you want it.  And it tastes sooooo good.

I am not a coffee snob, except that I don’t like burnt or old coffee.  I don’t care if it’s gourmet, ground from beans, or Folgers Classic Roast.  I don’t care if it’s Starbucks or Liquid Planet or any of the zillion kiosk-type coffee huts around town.  I simply love coffee.  So in honor of coffee, I will share these wonderful coffee links with you.

(And if I forget any, feel free to shoot me an email at selenityjade @  After all, I live in Montana.  My exposure to nice coffee is Starbucks.)

There is of course the classics:

What IS Coffee?  Wikipedia – Coffee

Famous Coffee –

Crazy About Coffee –

Humorous –

Coffee & Health

And lastly, I want you all to tweet something about making coffee.  You’ll get a bot response.  No joke, it’s happened to me twice.  I laughed so hard I snorked!  It was great.  Only a coffee addict would think of that.

Now go forth and drink that coffee!  I will.


The Internet is a Vast Place

Yes, I said it.  The internet is a vast, vast, VAST place.  I have spent two days (which is why I didn’t post yesterday) messing with my blog settings and widgets, with twitter, HootSuite, Facebook, my Google mail folders, and such.  I am still not done!  I’m still messing with the look of this blog and my book blog, plus my Google+ page(s) and how they’re connected to HootSuite (which is annoyingly elusive!), and my Remember the Milk list, plus Facebook notifications so I know what’s going on with my favorite people!  I’m so mind-blown it is not remotely funny.

In fact, if I wasn’t so blasted tired of this crap I would have linked all these awesome applications and social media pages.  However, right now… I just don’t care!

Actually, if any of you happen to know the Google+ navigation well, I’d love to ask your help.  I can’t get my freaking pages to link together right.  So email me at  This is my problem:  my blogs, which should link to my Selenity Jade page, don’t.  And my HootSuite which should link Twitter to my Rochelle Pritchett page, also don’t.  They’re backward!  I mean seriously!  Gah!

So I’m currently suffering Internet Vastness Overload.  I guess I’m lucky I hate photos so I don’t take pictures I need to organize.  There is always a silver lining I suppose.


Frantic Picture Search

Why do people wait until the last minute to do things?  I have to admit, I am very guilty of this sometimes.  For example, it’s 10:25 pm where I am at as I’m typing this out in a quick attempt to post again for the sixth day in a row.  However, since today I insisted on trying to walk (in slushy snow rain no less) for my back exercise, and then I’m dragged into helping my mother find pictures of my father from way back when, and then I’m trying to post anything worth reading and the day is almost over!

I completely created a giant run on sentence there.  My point is I have had absolutely no chance to come up with a valuable blog post.  I want to start reviewing the books I read, plug my favorite authors, post about my struggles with agoraphobia and pain, and all of that fun stuff, and here I am digging through a box for 30 year old pictures.

My mother and I did finally find some, but not the recent ones of my father’s grave, which my mother is frantically trying to find now.  We have no idea where they are and she needs them before she leaves for New York City in a few hours.

Hence the title of my post.

My advice? Do NOT wait until the last minute.  It really, really sucks.


Debating With Family

I’ve discovered a long, long time ago to avoid debating serious topics with my family.  This includes debates that start out friendly, debates of ANY kind while said family member is drinking, and any random comment on political or religious views.  I just completely avoid this by trying (and sometimes even succeeding!) to appear disinterested.

Firstly, it ends up turning into a fight every single freaking time.  And not just a little spat.  I mean whole new epic levels of fight.  All over a single innocent comment on any controversial issue.  Then, any view I express tends to be completely ignored, dismissed, or even snidely accepted, or variations thereof.

So last night, I get caught up with a debate on whether homosexual partners should be allowed to adopt with a member of my family.  I was not going to say much on this to her.  But sadly, sometimes I just can’t hold it in.  When asked if I would have liked to have parents who were both men or both women, I was completely stuck!  I avoid conflict at all times if I can, but I refuse to not to answer a question like that truthfully.  So of course, I say, “Well, I doubt it would bother me at all.”

Oh, boy.  Now, of course, I avoided the rest of the debate handily by making agreeing noises when she went off on a tangent.  Now, this family member isn’t as against homosexuality as say the older members of my family.  However, I’m a lot more open-minded than they are on most subjects – at least I try to be as open-minded as possible with regards to anything.

I’m not about to start a debate on whether or not homosexual couples should be able to adopt.  That isn’t what I’m discussing here.  If anyone wishes to know, my stance: they allow single women and men to adopt, they should allow homosexual couples.  Both are not ‘traditional’ homes.  So if one is allowed, the other should be.  However, without that, I believe they should be allowed to.  That’s not the point though.

The point it, I just can’t win in a debate with some members of my family.  Some of them just plain do not listen to your stance.  Some get seriously angry at my stance.  Some even think it makes me against Christianity (if I could tell you about the evolution ‘talk’ I had… oi.).  I also get ignored or dismissed.  However, it’s the battles that make me avoid stating my opinion.

So you all might get various rants where I just must get my opinion stated.  Not to start debates, but simply to state it.  Repression is unhealthy after all!