Selenity Jade’s Identities

Now, those of you who know me as Selenity Jade might be surprised to find out my real legal name is Rochelle Pritchett.  The reason for the dual identities? Well, I started out writing under the pseudonym Selenity Jade.  I used Selenity Jade for all my online communication for freaking EVER.  Then my family kind of invaded Facebook and pushed me into that dang site.  So I used my real name, of course.  I keep my family separate from my writing (not a one of them has ever read anything I’ve written) and most of my online activities.

So to be brief on the subject (as my family issues are not the reason for this entry), for my blog I will use my pseudonym as I can be more myself under my penname then I can under my real name. It’s completely linked to my online self, while my real life self is agoraphobic girl who wishes the outside world could disappear occasionally.  I am the same person either way, and while I have no aversion to you all knowing my real name and identity on Facebook, I will guard the rest of my social media posts from Facebook because I do not want my real life contacts to see this blog, my twitter account, or any other sites I choose to join.

Don’t get me wrong.  I do love my friends and family.  There are a zillion reasons for my aversion to them reading my stories or seeing my more ‘free’ posts on Twitter or here and I will probably get into them eventually.  However, for now, just realize Rochelle Pritchett IS Selenity Jade, and vice versa.  However, Rochelle Pritchett generally censors her posts and Selenity Jade is free.

So because of that, Selenity Jade is the blogger.  And I link TO Facebook on this site, but not FROM Facebook to here.  Any of you are free to friend me there as I’m not exactly hiding Selenity Jade.  I just don’t advertise it.  But I do not link my blog posts there, nor will I ever.  Twitter is completely different (although my friends and family could search me on there I suppose…).

Heck, as long as my family hasn’t invaded any other social media sites, you may see me there.  But probably as Selenity Jade (or some weird twist of both identities like I did for Twitter).

And speaking of… I do answer to both names.  Even verbally.  So don’t worry about what to call me.  Call me Sel, or Selenity, or Jade, or Rochelle, or Chelle, or my nephew and his family call me Roro (okay, I probably won’t enjoy this nickname from anyone else), so take your pick.