What’s Up Wednesday

Hello all!

Today, I’m joining the blog hop What’s Up Wednesday which was thought up by the lovely Jaime!  Visit her blog to see a list of participants in the What’s Up Wednesday hop.

Now on with the show:

What I’m Reading

Currently, I am reading two books by two very different authors.  First is White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout, who is an amazing YA author.  I haven’t gotten very far into the book yet, but so far it seems to be a good read.  I’ll get to see once I can sit down to read.

The second is the Devil of the Highlands by Lynsay Sands, which is a book I have read before but I felt the urge for a Scottish Historical Romance.  I find this book to be a humorous easy romance to read and it is quite enjoyable.  I love Cullen.  ^_^

What I’m Writing

I’m writing a review to When I Break by Kendall Ryan right now, but we’ll pretend I’m actually making progress on it right now when I’m really, really not.  I want to start my next fiction project (i.e. novel) but my time spent writing has been diminished.  And I got off-topic again.  As I was saying, I’m working on a review.  See it on A Caffeine Addict’s Books soon (I hope).

What Inspires Me Right Now

Right now I’m having a lot of thought on animal rights issues such as the wolf hunts, the zoos killing off their animals, shelters euthanizing animals, and endangered species being delisted before they are properly ‘recovered’.  It’s my thing right now despite the fact I should be trying to immerse myself into my paranormal world.  This is why I’m having such a hard time writing.  However, these issues are important.  Maybe I’ll somehow incorporate them into my next story.  We’ll see!

What Else I’ve Been Up To

I’ve actually been insanely busy.  I’m trying to write an important letter, organize the books on my computer, run scans, organize email account, spring cleaning of the apartment, write, read, and related activities that include Facebook and Twitter.  I am also busy watching my 3-year-old nephew who is just about the cutest freaking kid ever.  My brother and his amazing girlfriend made one adorable and funny boy.

Hopefully all the above activities will make my day a tad more productive once I am organized.

And goodnight folks.  I’m off to read and go to bed.



Why Read Paranormal Romance?

Yes, I admit it.  I am a complete paranormal romance junkie.  I love reading all types.  Werewolves, vampires, gypsies, gargoyles (Yes, even them!), and ghosts, Oh, My!!  I’m completely addicted.

What’s funny? I usually can’t stand most other romances.  Admittedly I did branch out a little this last year: Kristen Ashley, Belle Andre, Maya Banks.  However, I was always a fantasy reader before.  I read things like Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series or Kate Elliott’s Crown of Stars or Melanie Rawn’s Dragon Prince.  I loved all things fantasy.

To begin to understand why people like me like paranormal romance is you have to understand why we read.  Me?  I read to escape life.  I have way too much drama in my real life to want to read realistic stories about realistic dramas.  So I read fantasy.  Then I realized what I loved most in those stories was the love stories embedded within.  So, I picked up a paranormal romance.  I’m not even sure which author or book I picked.  Could have been Christine Feehan’s Dark series or Keri Arthur’s Riley Jensen series or even JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  (All of which I adored, by the way.)

So my addiction began.  Part of my addiction stems from simply liking to read about love in a world that keeps my interest.  But a big part and my favorite series revolve around the idea of ‘forever love.’  All of us desire that, I think.  Hence the draw of vampires and anything immortal falling in love in a forever type way.  Or because they couldn’t control their reactions to the object of their desire.  Or even because it was fate.  We all like that.

In fact, I think we all adore that and wish for that in some way.  Hence… the fad of vampire romance and werewolves mating and all sorts of crazy combinations of love.

I honestly don’t think this trend will die out any time soon.  But something will overshadow it eventually, but it’ll still be there.  Just as Harry Potter fans are still there and Pokemon fans are running around and cop shows are still being made.  People will always love paranormal romance, even if another craze shows up.  Twilight didn’t invent the genre, it just put a spotlight on it.

Of course, I’m also in it for the steamy sex scenes!  ^_~